We’re Will and Mim Johnson, worship leaders and songwriters based at St Thomas’ Newcastle. Will oversees worship at St Thomas’ and we both work as secondary school teachers.

Our Story.

We first met at secondary school; we had the privilege of attending The King’s School, a place which encouraged us in our christian faith as teenagers, including inviting us to lead worship in assemblies. We totally fell in love with worshipping God through music and, following a Jesus Culture conference in 2009, we were inspired to start a lunch time prayer and worship gathering with a group of friends. We saw God move in powerful ways among the young people in our school, seeing salvations and an outpouring of the Spirit.

During our gap years, we interned at KCC Southampton and were encouraged in our leadership and songwriting. It was here that we wrote and recorded our first song together.

We got married at 19 and headed off to study at the University of York where, supported by brilliant friends and church family, we have continued to write and lead worship at The Belfrey. During our university years, we met Sam and Jenny, some of our greatest encouragers, who have prayed and worshipped with us, written and recorded with us and helped us to turn our vision of releasing music into a reality.

Throughout our lives, God has called us to people. We are so grateful to all those who have drawn alongside us to support us in our mission - to worship God with all of our hearts and to inspire others to do the same. Thanks to our amazing friends at school who helped us to fall in love with worshipping God; to our school teachers who prayed for us and encouraged us; to our friends and leaders at KCC who invested in so much in us; and to our family here in York who have loved us and supported us so well.

Our next step is moving to Newcastle in Summer 2019 to join Ben and Ellie Doolan in planting a church in the city centre. Pray for us as we enter into this new adventure! And, for now, keep your eyes and ears peeled for new music releases at the end of each month.


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